Trainers and Assessors and the Cert IV in TAE

From 1/1/2016 a number of new clauses have been added to the Standards for RTOs 2015 which affect all VET trainers and assessors.

In a nutshell the new clauses dictate the qualifications that a trainer and/or assessor must hold:

  1. A trainer and assessor must hold the Cert IV TAE (or its successor) OR a Diploma or a higher level qualification in adult education
  2. An assessor (ie does not deliver training) must hold either the Assessor Skill Set (TAESS00001), the Cert IV  TAE or a Diploma or a higher level qualification in adult education

This means basically that the minimum requirement for a trainer and assessor is the Cert IV TAE. Finally, we have clarity on this issue!

Other related news is that by 1/1/17 if you want to train and assess the Cert IV TAE you will need to have your Diploma in VET. There are also some news rules about adding the Cert IV TAE to your RTO’s scope of registration – contact me for details.

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