TAE skill sets – all you need to know

Another confusing aspect of the “new” TAE training package (TAE) is the situation surrounding skill sets (SS).

A skill set is a cluster of units of competency formally recognised in a training package as a stand-alone entity – it’s not a qualification but a discreet set of skills.

In the previous TAE training package (TAE10) the main 4 SS were:

  • TAESS00001 – Assessor SS (TAEASS401, 402 & 403)
  • TAESS00003 – Enterprise trainer and assessor SS (TAEASS401, 402, 403 & TAEDEL301)
  • TAESS00007 – Enterprise trainer – presenting SS (TAEDEL301 & BSBCMM401)
  • TAESS00008 – Enterprise trainer – mentoring SS (TAEDEL301 & TAEDEL404)

These 4 SS still exist in the new TAE training package but the codes have changed:

  • 1 is now 11 and has TAEASS502 added to it
  • 3 is now 15 and is deemed equivalent
  • 7 is now 14 and is deemed equivalent
  • 8 is now 13 and is deemed equivalent

So, to be compliant by 1st April 2019, the only concern is for those who hold TAESS00001. You need to get TAEASS502 to remain compliant.

Don’t forget too that to be able to deliver training under supervision (ie you don’t have TAE40110 or TAE40116) you must now hold at least one of the 3 enterprise trainer skill sets (see above). It is not enough to just have the assessor skill set.

Only those with the assessor SS can assess and, to repeat, by 1st April 2019 you must have TAEASS502 (in addition to TAESS00001) to be compliant.

Give me a call on 1300 473 240 if you need more clarification for you and/or your people.


  • Neil Webster

    can you give me price to upgrade from tae40110 to tae 40116.

    we have lln411 and only need to do the new components .

    we are at Gosford NSW

    Neil Webster

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