TAE40116 update – what do you need to do?

Now that the “old” Cert IV TAE40110 is no longer a lot of people are asking what we as VET trainers have to do to upgrade our TAE40110 to the “new” TAE40116.

  • Check to see if your TAE40110 has these 2 units – TAELLN411 (or 401A) – Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills and TAEASS502 (or A or B) – Design and develop assessment tools
  • If your TAE40110 doesn’t have both of these units you’ll need to get them by 1st April 2019 to meet the new requirements
  • Quite a few of us actually want to have the new qualification. Contact Ctrain (we’re offering TAE40116 in partnership with Fortress Learning RTO No. 31974). You’ll need the 2 units mentioned above and there is some additional evidence required in some of the other units to satisfy the new assessment requirements of TAE40116
  • If you want to upgrade your TAE Diploma(s) the same applies – contact us and we’ll get you up and running with a pretty straightforward RPL process
  • For those of you who train and assess TAE40116 you should know by now that from 1st January 2017 you needed to have at least one of the TAE diplomas. If you don’t, you can still train it under the supervision of someone who does hold at least one of the diplomas but you aren’t allowed to assess.


  • Veron Cartmer

    I need to do the course TAESS502
    I have spoken to David Wurth, and mentioned that I and Sue Lewis would like to attend the face to face course and David mentioned we could do this on a Monday.
    I am having difficulty finding this course on the internet.

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