Training under supervision – what does it actually mean?

Skill sets relevant to training under supervision

The Enterprise Trainer and Assessor skill set, TAESS00015, is one of 3 skill sets that allows a person to train VET courses under supervision, without the need to have the full Cert IV TAE40116 qualification.

This skill set contains 4 units of competency:

TAEASS401 – Plan assessment activities and processes

TAEASS402 – Assess competence

TAEASS403 – Participate in assessment validation

TAEDEL301 – Provide work skill instruction

Possessing this skill set does not allow people to assess, believe it or not. What it does do is allow people to just deliver VET courses under supervision.

The other 2 skill sets which allow people to deliver VET training under supervision are:

Enterprise Trainer – presenting skill set TAESS00014

Enterprise Trainer – mentoring skill set TAESS00013

Training under supervision

Each RTO is responsible for establishing the conditions under which someone is supervised.

Clause 1.20 of the Standards for RTOs 2015 states that an RTO who has someone working under supervision:

  • a) determines and puts in place:
    • i) the level of the supervision required
    • ii) any requirements, conditions or restrictions considered necessary on the individual’s involvement in the provision of training and collection of assessment evidence
  • b) ensures that trainers providing supervision monitor and are accountable for all training provision and collection of assessment evidence by the individual under their supervision.

A person working under supervision must have vocational competencies at least to the level being delivered and current relevant industry skills, as well as one of the above 3 mentioned skill sets.

Who can assess?

From 1/7/19, if you want your people to be able to assess competence, they have to either possess the full Cert IV TAE40116 (or TAE40110 plus TAELLN411 and TAEASS502) or the Assessor skill set (TAESS00011) which contains, in addition to the 3 assessment units mentioned above, an additional unit TAEASS502 – Design and develop assessment tools.

Note that people who do not possess either of these are allowed to assist in assessment evidence gathering but cannot make any assessment decisions themselves.

It’s complicated so give me a call if you’d like to discuss your particular situation – 1300 473 240.


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