Update on TAE40116 – the new version of the Cert IV TAE

ASQA has just announced that only 60 RTOS have applied to get the latest version of TAE (let’s call it “16”) onto their scope of registration. This represents a paltry 10% of RTOs who have the old version (TAE40110 – let’s call it “10”) on scope (there are currently 600 RTOs out of a total of 4,639 RTOs in Australia who have 10 on scope).

Those RTOs with 10 on scope have until 5th October this year to complete the assessments of any students who have completed the course with them. After that time, only RTOs with 16 will be able to train and assess the Cert IV TAE.

How many of the 60 RTOs who have applied for 16 have been successful? As of today, March 30 2017, only 7 have got 16 on scope – that’s a mere 12% success rate so far!

ASQA appears justifiably concerned and has offered a webinar to explain the addition to scope process, no doubt hoping that other RTOs with 10 on scope with apply to upgrade to 16. That’s fine but ASQA took almost 12 months to approve the first RTO to get 16 on scope.

I personally know some really well-run RTOs who are still waiting for approval to teach 16. No wonder such a small number of RTOs have applied up until now. I think most of us are waiting to see what happens.

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